Tecedeiras is an integral part of the Douro history. We embraced the heritage in this demarcated region known for centuries for producing fortified wines and wanted to take it a step further: we were the first to develop and promote non fortified wines in this region, more than 20 long years ago.
Douro is a prodigious poem made of aromas, colors, silences, wine and breathtaking landscapes. Being the oldest demarcated region in the world is also probably the most beautiful one. A wine paradise to which Lima Smith’s brand Tecedeiras is proud to be a part of.



Our harvests are hard and meticulous work. Hand labour, up and down the schist steep terraces, selecting only the best grape bunches. When the grapes arrive at the cellar we use classic winemaking methods as to highlight the terroir and grape varieties. Rui Cunha’s winemaking is rigorous but low in intervention, highlighting the terroir and grape varieties characteristics.

The result translates in amazing wines: complex, intense, with great ageing capacity and with the Douro terroir showing a great potential as food friendly wines.


Douro, geological poem.
Hills that don’t allow growth, vines that no one can count, a river that doesn’t stop running, a manly piece of beauty…
Miguel Torga